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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Microsoft Warning Users

Some of you may have heard about a recent security exploit that is beginning to circulate around the globe. This new exploit is coming from attackers who are taking advantage of a vulnerability in Windows using infected USB Flash Drives.

This is also gaining lots of attention since Microsoft just ended support for Windows XP Service Pack 2 only days ago, so that means when a patch is ready, Windows XP SP2 users won’t be receiving it. Users must upgrade to either Windows XP SP3, Vista or Windows 7. However no OS is safe at the moment, this new exploit affects Windows 7 as well, it even affects the Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Beta which was released last week.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Computer Business is Still Using XP

We reported yesterday that Microsoft had extended downgrade rights for Windows XP from Windows 7, but the reason seems to stem from the fact that a reported 74% of work PCs are still running Windows XP.

This seems odd given that it was also recently reported that 50% of business either have or are ready to upgrade to Windows 7. So what’s the anomaly and what’s causing the problem?

The problem is three-fold in the business space. The first hurdle is that installations of Windows 7 will normally come with new PCs and far too many businesses are still tightening their belts and waiting for the ‘green shoots’ of worldwide economic recovery. While PC sales generally are healthy, they are much lower than they would be if the downturn hadn’t happened.

The second reason is the learning curve. While people may be far happier moving to Windows 7 than they were moving to Vista, there is still the cost and time of training staff with the new operating system. One good way around this is to put it off until lots of staff have new PCs at home, so they are either au-fait with it already or can train each other. I know this is a cynical view but it’s quite common.

Finally there’s the ‘major’ stumbling block and this is Windows Server. Ever since Windows Server got a complete overhaul in 2003 it’s been a fantastic server product, Windows Server 2008 makes it even better.

These server products can help mitigate a great many of the shortfalls of Windows XP, certainly where security is concerned, as the group policy, security policy, patch rollout and monitoring tools are excellent.

It still remains to be seen where the anomaly between the two figures we’ve seen now fits. Will this 74% figure change soon, especially when Service Pack 1 is released later in the year, or will businesses doggedly stick with Windows XP and the secure Windows Server combination? It’s an interesting year coming for WIndows 7

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Duo Ducati Optimis

Duo Marlboro Ducati rider Casey Stoner and Nicky Hayden, have their own beliefs to be successful on the race this weekend at the German GP, Sachsenring circuit.

Sachsenring is a unique character, some extreme corners and parts of a circuit that requires the motor slows, Stoner and Hayden are not made to feel pessimistic. They sure can conquer the circuit with the character of the famous Ducati motorcycle wild and fast.

Casey Stoner has fond memories at the Sachsenring, by becoming a champion in the 125cc class at the 2003 season. Then in MotoGP, Stoner became the fastest in 2008. Nicky Hayden, who had the character to be careful, never been on the podium four times in 2004 until 2007.

"We had a good record when the race at Sachsenring. I got my first podium here and I always want to repeat it. I have more confidence about the race later. Everything has worked quite well and we should get even higher speeds, "explained Stoner as quoted, Wednesday (14/07/2010).

"Me and mechanical've tried several ways to get full speed, the results are quite as packed in the race later. You need the right setting for melibas motor angle at Sachsenring, "continued the origin of this Australian drivers.

While Nicky Hayden did admit if the Sachsenring circuit that must be conquered by using the technique of high-class racing. Hayden katakter quite memorized and ready to welcome back the victory.

"Sachsenring is very short. In the first part, requires high technique and patience. When you make a mistake can be fatal. For the beginning racer gears can only menggunalan 1.2, 3 and 4. It's like riding a car in the park! When she walked into the teeth of five, you've seen a sharp corner, "said Hayden.

Despite facing a difficult character, but relatively optimistic Hayden can conquer this circuit in Germany. How to race rider of the famous American management this calculation, the plus points for Hayden.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Chelsea's chances to get Sergio Aguero increasingly wide open. Atletico Madrid striker is making a statement ready to become the new occupants Stamford Bridge.

Since appearing impressive with Atletico, Aguero was much desired European elite clubs, and Chelsea to be one of the most serious club coach get in-law of Argentina, Diego Maradona.

Now, Chelsea has a great opportunity to get Aguero, 22 years after the young striker admits ready to graze along a big club that will give him a chance to get a lot of titles. Atletico camp was declared ready to take it off if given a tempting offer.

"If the bids come from the right club and Atletico match with the proposed offering, then the transfer process can be realized," Aguero said as quoted by the Daily Star, Monday (12/07/2010).

"Of course, Chelsea is appealing to me, considering that one of them meruipakan persepak bolaan strong teams in Europe," said Argentina's national team striker.

"They have already shown interest in the transfer market every summer until now, and they have shown themselves that they are capable of reaching at least one trophy in each season," he continued.

"As a player, you have to think of your financial factors in the future. But, in reality, most elite clubs of Europe have made me as their prime target, "added Aguero.

"What I must now consider is the club where I can win many trophies and I know that I can win many titles with Chelsea. You see the players that Chelsea have, then you certainly would not hesitate about the future, "he said.

Yes, the factor of players indeed be one factor which, according to Aguero would influence a decision. For the case of Chelsea, the former Independiente striker admitted that he was very interested to play with some star players in the Blues squad.

"To be duet with Didier Drogba is certainly very desirable thing that every player. But not only Drogba, they also have other kinds of top players Frank Lampard, Nicolas Anelka, John Terry or maybe Fernando Torres (another target of Chelsea). Chelsea have quality players in every lininya, "lid striker who last season led Atletico Europa League emerged as champions of this.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Spain Dream Come True

Spain welcomed the victory of world title with joy. La Furia Roja the leaders feel it as a dream come true.

Spain successfully defeated the Netherlands in the World Cup final match with a 1-0 victory. Casilas managed to lift the trophy in world football party this year.

Success juxtaposing the European title with the World Cup was natural that the entire retainer to Spain late to celebrate a dream come true.

"We won the trophy and it was difficult to be expressed in words. The feeling is incredible to be able to lift the trophy in my hands," said Xavi Hernandez told reporters.

"This is a dream come true, especially to win in both events. This is a reward for their hard work all of us," continued the winning goal scorer of Spain, Andres Iniesta.

"We feel proud of the team members from start to finish. A very special moment for me to all the citizens of Spain, the players and also all the people. We are all proud of this achievement. Today we live with a dream," concluded the Arsenal captain, Cesc Fabregas.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Windows 7 Goes to 64-bit Computing

The realization of 64-bit computing probably won’t hit the masses until more developers and computer manufacturers take advantage of the newer architecture, but that isn’t stopping users from flocking in droves to the latest technology and Windows 7 is helping.

The Windows Blog and other sources have recently published numbers which look very good for the future of both Windows and Microsoft. Their numbers suggest that 64-bit processors are the current trend in computers running Windows 7, which makes sense. According to the chart below, nearly 46% of Windows 7 computers are running the 64-bit flavor of Windows.

There are a few reasons given for the uptick in 64-bit adoption: the price of RAM has gone down considerably than in past years, nearly all computers sold now come standard with 64-bit capable hardware, Windows 7 64 is the OS option most computers now offer, the software and hardware compatibility factor is now a non-issue, for the most part.

We knew it was coming, but I didn’t think it would be Windows 7 that would have been the Windows to finally move most users to the newer processor technology. Keep in mind that other companies, namely Apple, are also shipping iMacs and MacBook’s with only 64-bit hardware, so the swing in 64-bit usage was inevitable.

How about you? Are you still clinging to Windows 7 32-bit or another Windows version with 32-bit capability? What’s your reason for not switching and do you expect to make the leap come Windows 8?

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Logo World Cup 2014

In a launch event in Johannesburg the night local time, Fifa president Sepp Blatter said that the logo reflects the football as part of human life, especially in South American countries like Brazil.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the logo, the president of FIFA said the reason why FIFA pointed this country from South America to host the 2014 World Cup later. "Brazil is a soccer country. They've won the cup five times, but they last hosted in 1950. Football is like a religion in Brazil. Now it's time again to CONMEBOL, and now it is time to return to South America, "Blatter explained at length.

FIFA President added, "Like here, in South Africa, to mingle with the soccer community. As President Lula also said, football is not just kicking the ball alone. It's cultural. This is life. I am delighted the President of Brazil willing to be present at the launch of the logo of this World Cup. "